Safety Rules

1. A responsible adult must be in attendance and closely monitoring activity while the inflatable is in operation.  As the customer, you are responsible for ensuring supervision.

2.  Do not use the inflatable during periods of rain or excessive winds (15 mph or greater).  In the event of severe weather (lightning, thunder, rain, or high winds) instruct all occupants to immediately exit the inflatable and DO NOT allow re-entry until the weather clears and the inflatable is DRY.

3.  Do not overload any inflatable.  Follow the capacity chart posted on the inflatable.  The maximum rider capacity should never be exceeded.

4.  Remove shoes, necklaces, eyeglasses, jewelry, and any other hard or sharp objects prior to entering any inflatable.  Remember to empty all pockets as well.

5.  No gum, candy, food, or drinks are allowed inside any inflatable.

6.  NO SILLY STRING inside or in close proximity outside the inflatable.  It can be harmful to the children, a chemical in silly string causes it to adhere to the inflatable surface and stain.  If silly string comes in contact with any part of our inflatable damage charges may be assessed up to $250.

7.  No hot objects are allowed in or near any inflatable.

8.  No rough housing is allowed in the inflatable.

9.  Group participants in the inflatables according to age and size.

10.  No jumping down any slide surface.  Participants must come down any slide one at a time, feet first.

11.  Do not run/jump through the door into or out of the inflatable, jump on entry steps, climb the exterior of the inflatable, or climb any mesh screens.

12.  If anchors come loose or should the inflatable begin to deflate during operation, immediately instruct all participants to exit the inflatable and call us at (509) 619-3183 for assistance.

13.  Any person with health impairment, disease, high blood pressure, back, neck, or other bone/joint problems, or any other conditions that might cause problems when physically challenged should not be allowed in any inflatable.  Do not enter the inflatable if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
We take safety very SERIOUSLY and you should too.  Anyone not following these safety rules should be IMMEDIATELY instructed to exit the inflatable.

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